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Non Medical - No Exam Life Policies from $20,000 to $500,000 in face value.

Our quality carriers offer easy fast approvals with the least intrusive requirements offered in the life insurance arena. These plans are competitiveiy priced with most standard fully underwritten plans offered by the life industry today without the need for doctors, nurses, parameds, needles, blood and other intrusive time consuming requirements. 

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Lowest Cost - Fully Underwritten Plans

Brokering the fully underwritten products for the 5% that demand and "can qualify" for the lowest cost preferred rated fully underwritten plans offered. We are always here to help you find exactly what you seek for coverage and financial security.

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Final Expense and Burial Plans

When your needs are simply to cover the essential costs of cremation or burial our agents have the solution you seek. These plans were developed for people typically in their 60's, 70's plus and a simple yes - no application.

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Life Settlement - Do you own a Life Insurance Policy you no longer need or can no longer afford?

If you own a life insurance insurance policy that you can no longer afford or no longer need - don't lapse it. You may be able to sell it as an asset. (A life insurance policy is an asset like a home.) Life settlements are most advantages to seniors with policies over $100,000 in face value.

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Annuity Payments or Structured Settlement Purchases.

 Brokering structured settlement buyouts for persons receiving structured payments.  If you are receiving annuity or structured payments and would like to sell those payments for a cash settlement call today.

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