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Rick Roach

Owner - Health of America Insurance Agency, Founded in 1991.

Entered the insurance business in 1976 and started Health of America Insurance Agency in 1991 as Health "MN" Insurance Agency. Having specialized in health and medical insurance for the self employed, individual, family and small employer market, as well as providing the lowest cost life insurance coverage offered.

Today my focus is two fold providing risk free - parially self funded plans for small business owners with 3+ employees offering lower premiums and a return of unused claims money yearly (get a quote)


cash4insurance products which benefits those owning 

1) Life insurance that is no longer needed, wanted or affordable.

2) Annuity payments that are no longer wanted.

3) Structured Settlement  payments that are no longer wanted

and turning them into Lump Sum CASH.

Seniors age 65 and older owning life insurance with a face value of $100,000 or more with no current need for the coverage and considering lapsing the policy may be surprised to learn they can sell that asset for cash, income, LTC benefits or even paid up coverage with no future premium liability.

This applies to Term Insurance, Universal Life Insurance and some forms of Whole Life.

Available in most states. 

..1.1 Million Life Insurance Policies Are Lapsed Each Year By Seniors Over 65 And 112 Billion Dollars Of Face Value Are Lost!

Most seniors never knew a Life Settlement was an option?